Employment at Shaver's Creek

Internship Program

For more than three decades, the Internship Program at Shaver’s Creek has attracted interns from around the world to develop their knowledge and skills as they delve into the fields of environmental and experiential education. Over the years, these seasonal internship opportunities have expanded to include positions in Environmental Education, Adventure Programming, Raptor Education and Care, and Marketing Communications. Visit the Internships page to learn more about each type of internship position and how to apply.


In addition to our having interns at Shaver’s Creek during three seasons of the year, specific programs such as Shaver’s Creek’s nationally recognized first-year Penn State student orientation programs ORION and URSA Urban Service Experience hire seasonal staff as well. These are primarily leadership and logistics positions to help ORION and URSA remain successful and run smoothly. To apply, go to the ORION Application or URSA Application.


Work-Study is a Federal student financial aid program for Penn State undergraduate and graduate students that allows you to earn money to help cover nonbillable educational expenses by working within your college or campus, University office, or at an off-campus, nonprofit organization. Shaver’s Creek Work-Study positions may be available for students, depending on our seasonal need! Please visit the Work-Study page for more information on the types of positions that are available and how you can apply.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate students may be interested in looking into Graduate Assistantships at Shaver’s Creek. These are typically quarter-time or half-time positions with a tuition waiver and stipend. For more information, visit the Graduate Student Opportunities page.

Full-time Positions

On the infrequent occasion that a full-time position becomes available at Shaver’s Creek, it is, at the very least, posted on the psu.jobs website. There are currently no full-time positions available.


Volunteers are very important to the work that we accomplish here at Shaver’s Creek. Our typical areas of need for volunteers include animal care, grounds, trails, facilities, public programs, and special events. Visit the Volunteer page to learn more about what volunteers can do at Shaver’s Creek, and how you can become one!

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