Team Development Center at Shaver's Creek

Shaver’s Creek customized team development and leadership programs enable members of group to learn about one another, build stronger teams, and enhance organizational dynamics. We prepare team-building programs for all sizes of corporate groups, student groups, and nonprofit organizations. Our talented and diverse corps of facilitators make it possible for us to design a team-building program or staff retreat geared specifically to the strategic goals of your group or organization.

Team-Building Activities and Programs

We can custom-design and deliver many different types of team-building programming, including:

Scheduling a Team-Building Program

The Shaver’s Creek Team Development Center provides programs year round. Please contact Rod Lee, team development director, to discuss planning a team-building event for your organization. Prices are dependent on program design, location, duration, and number of participants. Groups wishing to rent additional Shaver’s Creek facilities in conjunction with a scheduled team-building program will receive a discount on the Shaver’s Creek facility rental rates.

A group of Penn State employees participate in a team building exercise

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